Zoo Poo

by Valerie A. Ferrante
(Toms River , Ocean County, New Jersey)

I had submitted a very good recipe last year but this year our herd is 20 instead of 10 in my yard every night. I went to my local zoo, THE POPCORN ZOO in Lacy Township and got three bags of poo, Lion, Tiger and Cougar. I spread a tiny amount zoo poo on the bark of the trees where I do not want the deer to enter. I also place one single moth ball about every 12 feet or so around the same area. Nightly I watch at least twenty deer RUN past my part of the brook in my yard, leaving my tulips in full bloom alone. I have to reapply after rain, I wear gloves and yes, this is gross but I am the only one with real flowers in my yard.

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