YOUZA! Deer Repellent

by Lynne
(Saxapahaw, NC)

Egg Beaters (plain) 1 16oz carton

Garlic (skin removed) 2 heads (not cloves!)
Hot Sauce (2 brands) 1 bottle each for total of two bottles
Dish Liquid. 1 squirt

Liquefy eggs/garlic/hot sauce in blender.
Put in sprayer and add water to make 1.5 gal.
Add squirt of dish liquid.
Remove tip from sprayer to keep nozzle from clogging. You should have a steady small stream of solution coming out of wand. Drizzle over all your plants.

Instead of your yard smelling like stinky eggs this concoction smells more like someone is cooking out next door with all the garlic. :) Reapply monthly and after heavy periods of rain.


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