Unofficial Testing

by Bruce
(Shelton, Washington)

I have both electronic (Hornet) and passive alert devices on my 2003 Harley tour bike. Both were relatively inexpensive and if there is one chance in a million that they would work, it is well worth the price.

My wife and I have ridden on many trips across country and have been able to see the effect on various animals. I am able to turn the electronic one off and on with a switch so I have experimented with it on various roadside animals. Most animals, especially sheep, react to the sound of the whistle on approach. Sheep scatter, deer and antelope stop and look toward the sound, horses seem to get extremely excited and most dogs will cower.Effective range (to the side)seems to be about 100 yards or so in ideal conditions. Have not had anything directly in front of me that I know of to study.

It is not a scientific study but I have tried to eliminate the possibility of the exhaust alerting the various animals by turning the device off and on.

The passive devices seem to work on a much smaller scale and the bike needs to be traveling at least 40mph or greater. Similar results as the electronic one , but not nearly as dramatic.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll leave them on. They can't do any harm, besides they are a good conversation starter!

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