Ungulate Behavior

by Daisey
(Bend, Oregon)

I have a theory - animals do not eat where they have defficated (pooped)......most critters do "their business" away from where they eat.

So by collecting deer and elk nuggets, (the meadow next to our property has ample material) in a 5 gallon bucket, I can create a "manure tea" or apply the nuggets dry to my landscape plantings. Smell of course is the deterrent.

This is natural fertilizer.....really has no odor to humans and my Golden Retriever does not consume the egg shaped manure. (Our old dog found them delicious).

This was a method I used in Alaska with MOOSE.
Healthy seedlings after applying the manure tea and the extra nuggets just added organic material over the growing season.

Yes it is humiliating collecting the material but it is free afterall.....(use gloves or a small shovel)

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