Tobacco Tea

(Pennsylvania, USA)

a freebie for smokers or people with friends that are smokers....

empty the contents of two or three ashtrays into a pot of simmering water (yeah, yeah,i know, disgusting) and simmer for at least a half an hour...

strain into some kind of holding container (ie: a small plastic bowl, etc) using a coffee filter in a colendar/strainer..

put in any kind of empty spray bottle that you have laying around and spray on plants do not have to not use on the flower itself, just the foliage...may stain

(if you don't smoke, find a friend that will empty her/his ashtrays for you, maybe even cook it up for you)

redo if it rains ..

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May 24, 2008
Good combo repellent
by: Anonymous

The tobacco will both smell bad and be poisonous. This is a good tip.

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