Three 5 gallon bucket feeder!

by Tracy
(Philomath Oregon USA)

Bucket 1 (blue) Bucket 2 (white) Bucket 3 (green) bucket 4 (gray), straps (olive drab) screws (red)

Bucket 1 (blue) Bucket 2 (white) Bucket 3 (green) bucket 4 (gray), straps (olive drab) screws (red)

3 5 gallon buckets.
1 extra stand bucket (optional)
1 5 gallon bucket snap on lid.
wood screws
earth tone spray paints
saw, dremel, or other tool sufficiant for cutting the 5 gallon bucket material.
Heavy straps for securing it to a tree,post, etc.

Cut the bottom,s out of two of the 5 gallon buckets about an inch up from the base.

one the un-cut bucket, cut a downward facing C-cut starting about 6 inches up from the bottom, cut about half way through the diameter of the bucket, and all the way to the base. Bend the C-cut downward, so the opening turns out like a tray.

I used the other two bottoms, and cut triangle wedges for "tray" sidewalls, as well I aqlso cut one-third flat off one, and secured it inside the "tray" bucket, sloping down towards the tray.

Stack the two now bottomless buckets on the one with the new tray and secure using wood screws so you have one large tube, and the tray is at the bottom of the stack. It should sit roughly 4 to 5 feet tall.

Spray the buckets using darkest colors as the base tones, then one or two lighter ones, using fern leaves as spray stencils overlapping. Make sure to spray all OUTSIDE sections, top and stand bucket if used. this will not only make the deer for comfortable with it, but will also keep bystandards if any, from messing with your feeder.

Another option I have found to be more rewarding and more nature freindly, is to use tree bark affixed to the outter surface rather than, or in conjunction with the paint.

Lets sit out and outgas (dry) for a few days prior to seting up and filling.

I found that using yet another 5 gallon bucket to set the feeder on, prior to afixing it to the tree, keeps it up off the ground and makes it comfortable for the deer to feed from.

Use the snap cap at this time to keep your feed dry and from becoming a deep squirrel, bird feeder.

Warning... local chickens will find and devour your feed. (I learned this from multiple trail cam images after my feed was gone far to quickly!)

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Sep 16, 2009
Great feeder
by: Anonymous

This is great, thanks for the plans!!

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