Stages of deer repellent

by Donovan
(North Idaho)

1) Darn Deer ate my new fruit trees!
2) fence. LOL!
3) Spray with egg.
4) Spray with egg and jalapeno.
5) Spray with egg, jalapeno, and habanerno
6) spray with lead
7) booby trap with dynamite? Turn deer (and orchard) into spray?

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Jun 28, 2009
Even better than that.
by: Now Smater

I think the scarecrow works well, but check out the Guardener, it is way better. There is a 10% off coupon for it on this page. It shoots water, but doesn't have to be hooked to the hose so I can move it around. It also puts out a ultrasonic noise that makes them run.

Jun 28, 2009
North Idaho too
by: Anonymous

I consider deer to be giant rodents after last year's destruction. My success story - I discovered scarecrow sprinklers. They have motion sensors that set off the sprinkler for just three seconds but they shoot out about 30 feet. Last year I had two sprinklers. This year I have added one more (different brand - Havahart)- two on my garden one directed to my hosta. My earth song rose is blooming all over the place while last year I never got to see a bloom because the deer ate it just before it could open. My beans and peas haven't been chomped, etc. I'm told that the deer get used to the sprinklers but it's June 27th and so far so good. I have moved the sprinklers to new locations so the deer can't anticipate them. I have also surrounded my garden with lavender and herbs that the deer weren't interested in last year. Now I'm waiting to see if my hollyhocks get to bloom without being chomped. Good luck to you.

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