Sparky in Philadelphia suburbs

(Huntingdon Valley, PA)

1 doz eggs

1 gal water

Set the eggs in the sun or at room temp for 1-2 weeks to help them break down. They will not rot, even in a couple of weeks.

Break the eggs into a large bowl with a quart or two of water, use high speed blender to fully blend it all. Strain through a very fine sieve. Spray with a pump/tank sprayer. Eggs will break down on the plants. I do this every 6 weeks or so, but you could go longer if not much rain. Deer do not seem to touch anything sprayed. You do not need to totally wet the plants. I use a triple batch for my 3/4 acre residential ppty with many plants( hostas, day lillies, azaleas, laurels, impatiens, all kinds of euonymus, hydrangeas, yews, arbor vitae, etc. We have many deer and they will not touch my sprayed plants. This is a dirt cheap mix, does not smell bad (unless I leave the mix in the sprayer in the sun for a few days) but after it dries, it is not noticeable. Does not wash off easily once fully dried.

I tried adding cayenne to the spray but then the neighbors dog ate my plants.

BTW, Milorganite also works for bedded plants and super easy to toss around. Not as cheap as eggs though.

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