Smelly and sticky

by Darrell
(Seabeck, WA. )

1/2 cup ground cinnamon stirred in with 1qt. hot water let set for 2 days.

1/2 cup garlic powder
1/2 cup onion powder
1/2 cup ground cayenne pepper
6 eggs
3oz tabasco sauce
1qt tepid water (don't want to cook and harden eggs)
mix and set 2 days.

Word of advice I mixed this in the house the first time the Mrs. didn't appreciate it at all now I mix and store it out behind the garage.

2qts corn syrup heated in the bottles in about 2 gallons of hot water, it pours out of the bottles easier this way and I mix the left over warm water to the fill line of the spayer in with all the above Ingredients in the sprayer when I'm ready to apply.

Makes 3 gallons just right for my pump sprayer I wrapped a small section of window screen secured with a zip tie at the bottom of the tank spray tube to keep any sediment from plugging the wand of the sprayer, this solution seems to be working for bucks that rub their antlers over trees and shrubs also.

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