Shack, Rattle and Go

by Clifff
(Blue Ridge Mts Virginia)

This is a solution I learned from my Grandma a very sucessful gardener, To Keep birds deer and other varments

out of my lawn and plants, hang things like shiney aluminum pie pans, old CD discs, noise makers like wind chimes, In the Napa Valley I saw christmas tree tinsil hanging on the grape vine in the vinyards. These items flash and flicker in the sun and lights and startle animals, so they avoid the area, They dont cost much, just a little imagination and time.

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Aug 17, 2016
Some deer must like shiny things...
by: Northwest Native

Deer in our part of the northwest seem to like the shiny, clanging things. They walk right through them to get to the fresh garden buffet. Although,they don't seem to like the sound of a rifle or a shotgun quite as much.

Apr 28, 2013
Trying Shake, Rattle and Go
by: Anonymous

I can't wait to try this. Recently, we have been blessed with a doe and her fawn who we have watched grow into a yearling. The yard is fenced but, with a low spot in the back the deer have found a way to my rose bushes and garden area.

In the fall and winter months we honestly don’t mind sharing as the deer leave the roses alone after the leaves have fallen off in the fall. I am hoping that I can keep them away from the vegetable garden which is adjacent to the rose garden along with some beautiful red climbing roses along the fence in the front.

Keep you posted.

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