by russ falk
(portage wi usa)

i put this around my fruit and evergreen trees i planted in my woods. take several milk cartons(1/2 gallon and gallon size) and pee in them. fill each one about halfway with you're pee. put in a bunch of black pepper and garlic powder. add two eggs to each carton. add a little white vinegar and a few squirts of dawn dish soap. set in sun to ripen. add 1 bottle of habenaro hot can also use this as a spray bottle, but remmember when you pee in you're containers add as much or more water as pee. it won't kill you're plants, and niether will deer.the smell and taste of the hot sauce works well. use as many as possible and place the containers near trees. remember the more smell the better. check once a month. refill/add more as needed. works great, a little gross though. better to be a little gross and have you're trees , than not be gross and have no trees.

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