Pee a deer away

by Ray K The Big Guy

Are deer eating your cedar fence or your tulips, other shrubs??You can pay up to $30.or more for a liter of deer repellent or spend it on a case of beer. I found the best deer repellent which is your own urine. Yes folks, get your head around this proved fact.I had deer eating my cedar hedges and my spring tulips down to the ground and it looked like hell. Being a hunter I knew that deer and moose had a very good sense of smell and usually stayed clear if the scent of a predator was near.I collected enough of my urine over a period of 2 to 3 days into some plastic jugs then pouring it into a sprayer and spraying the cedars lightly and the spring tulips every 3 to 4 days.Low and behold there were plenty of deer tracks along the cedar hedge and deer tracks around the 300 or more tulip's in the flower bed and not one tulip was touched or any signs of foraging on the cedar trees.Our urine is the best deterrent if sprayed on shrubs,flowers. Urine does not burn vegetation since it is mostly nitrogen and a very good fertilizer to boot.A friend told me about his vole problem burrowing up his lawn.I told him when he is out on his deck having his beer fix to go and pee in all the voles hole.He lives in the country with no nearby neighbors. A month later he called me and was ex static that the vole problem was solved after a dozen or so cases of beer. They left.Try it and save your plants while having a few cold ones. You will thank me for this natural chemical free tidbit of FREE info.You will now be able to kill two birds with one stone, you will enjoy your beer more while getting rid of those varmints at the same time.Now beat that " Walter"(a character in TV series Breaking Bad. This product idea was all Canadian Made. EH???

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