Our Scary Encounter

by Rhonda Hatcher
(Ashford Alabama (USA))

On December 22nd at around 8:30 pm, my Grandaughter and I were coming home from shopping for her some work clothes and a little Christmas clothes also. We were doing about 50 mph when all of a sudden a big beautiful buck deer rammed us on the front on her side of the 1996 Ford Explorer XLT, he somehow flipped under the vehicle and spun up and hit her door and cutting into it, almost trapping her ancle. It was not only scary but also very heartbreaking, as we had to watch this happening, he looked right at us (so sudden, there was nothing we could do)as a part of his beautiful antler broke off and went up into the air. We just knew it had killed him. The road was pretty busy but as we made it to pull over, no one else stopped. The grass was a combination of dead weeds and small bushes, so we did not see where we had knocked the poor deer, while my Grandaughter called 911 (we were not hurt) to report the accident for Insurance purposes, I stupidly walked along the side of the road to see if he was out of the misery we put him in, and I was on him before I knew it and he jumped up and almost fell back down, he was in bad shape, I know they are tough but, this was awful to see...he did not try to harm me, he was bloody and all I wanted to do was to help but of corse there was nothing I could do for him. My Family and I are Animal Lovers, they are precious to us.(GOD'S CREATURES)When the Officer got there he ask if we were ok, we said yes but the deer needed help, he could not do anything but later he was nice enough (after we ask him) to call us later that nite to tell us he had been put out of his misery...I was not worried about the vehicle, just my loved one and the deer. We had no whistle, I wish we had, ( for the Deer's sake also) the Officer said we were very lucky. WE HAVE WHISTLES NOW !

From the Webmaster - I am so glad you are OK. So sorry you had to go through that!! Good luck in the future.

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