Organic Landscaping

by Mark
(Wash, DC)

Deer will eat almost anything if they are hungry enough.
I've witnessed them eat Azaleas, Aucuba, and Nandina.
In our vegetable garden, they eat tomato leaves, potato leaves, and entire cucumber plants.

When I lived in the country, this is what I did, and it worked well.

The best way to protect your garden, if you have enough space, is to get a chain link fence, make it taught, then lay it on the ground around the perimeter of your garden.
Deer will not walk across it. Their hooves get stuck in the holes. They will not jump, because they will not see a vertical fence.
You just have to make sure that the chain link fence stays taught. You do this by securing poles around the chain link. And you makes sure that the fence does not sink into the ground.

You could prop the thing up on bricks, so that it is a couple inches above the ground.
Much like the things that keep cattle from walking through your driveway bib.

Now that I live in the city, we have a community garden, with 8 foot poles ans 2 inch black plastic deer netting.

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