ol country guy

by Glenn

I use to do a lot of bow hunting for deer years ago. As I was sitting high in a tree many times I would watch a deer approaching me from downwind. As soon as it picked up my scent the nose would go up in the air, snort and take off running. I make a large garden in the middle of deer country every year with no fence or expensive deer repellents. Every spring I see deer tracks in the fresh tilled soil every morning. Remembering my hunting experince I drive a metal post in each corner of the garden and in the center. On each post I hang a well worn piece of clothing or cap or funky sock. This should be somthing worn for a day and sweat in while working or playing. My favorite is a sweaty t shirt or funky sox. I never see a deer track again or have any deer damage. Occasionaly I will replace the soiled clothing every few weeks or so. It works great for me all year without any fence.

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