Not kidding

by Ray Kopy

Deer eating your cedar tree fence, cedar ornamental trees?including all those spring early tulips and other deer favorites??? You can pay $30.and up for a liter of deer repellent or spend it on a case of beer and collect your pee in a jug for the best deer repellent on the market and you bottle it yourself. I had deer just chewing my beautiful cedar hedges and they looked like hell. Being a hunter i knew that animals especially deer, moose have a exceptional sense of smell. I collected enough of my urine and put it into a sprayer and began spraying my cedars and tulips in early spring every 3 to 4 days when these deer began to frequent our property. Was surprised how much one pees in 3 or 4 days. Sure and behold, the deersign (foot prints) were all around my early tulips and not one was chewed to the ground as the deer use to do and deer tracks around the cedar hedge and not even a tree touched. Our human urine is the secret. Urine does not burn the cedars or tulips. Told a friend about this new discovery when he told me about his ground voles in his lawn. I told him that when he sits on his deck having a few beers to go and pee in the voles hole. He called me back a month later and after a few dozen cases of beer he told me that the voles, that made a mess of his lawn and pissed him off so much earlier that peeing in their holes every other day or 2 seemed a convenience for him and they had left the property completely as well. Try it and save your plants and your money for a case beer instead...... you'll thank me for this natural, chemical free tidbit of free info. Urine is mostly nitrogen and a very good fertilizer as well. Now beat that, EH?......🤗😊

The Big Guy.....

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