New Way to Use Deer Repellant

by Ted Ford
(Reedville, Virginia)

This is not a new recipe, but a different way to use any good repellent.

1) Obtain small plastic containers - yogurt or individual fruit cup size.

2) Obtain 18 gauge (1.2 mm)galvanized or copper wire. Burn hole in bottom of container by heating one end of wire over stove and using to burn hole.

3) Cut 6-8 inch section of wire and bend one end of wire around a cylinder of cloth or sponge, sized to fit within cup. Place free end wire up through hole, so cloth is w/in the container. Will look like a bell or umbrella

4)Hang this on shrubs, trees or in garden about 8- 12 feet apart and saturate cloth or sponge with any effective repellent. This way odor persists w/out being affected by rain. I usually saturate devices every 1 - 1 1/2 months. Working great for me so far. Deer won't even enter yard.

To improve cosmetics, spray paint container color of shrub it hangs on.

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From the webmaster: This sounds great. Use the Contact Page and let me know how this works for everyone.

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Dec 03, 2011
use recyclables
by: Chris

I use old water bottles (or soft drinks, especially the green ones)this way:
1. Cut top 1/3 of bottle;
2. Cut 2" X 2" squares from a mesh-like material (onion/lemon bags work well);
3. Place your favorite repellant mixture (I use Irish soap and moth balls) in the mesh squares and bring corners together to form a small bag;
4. Insert top of bag from the inside of the cut bottle, fold over the bottle's mouth and secure with the cap;
5. hang these "ornaments" on your plants using twist ties secured to the neck of the bottle. Make sure they hang 'downwards' so rain water does not collect in the bottles.

Good luck!

May 19, 2010
Great post - thanks
by: Anonymous

I am going to try this. Thanks, I think this will work great for me.

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