Natural Deer Control Products

With natural deer control products you can protect your family from deer ticks and their potential threats while not risking your family's health. There are several natural deer control products that can be combined for a total multi-faceted approach to controling your deer. Deer Tick Information

There are several organic based natural deer repellents that can be purchased or you can make your own Homemade Deer Repellent Recipes

There are other natural deer control strategies besides repellents. Among them are electronic deer repellents, ultrasonic deer controls, wireless fencing, and regular fencing. Read more about these chemical free deer controls at Electronic Deer Controllers
Natural deer repellent can also be classified as "organic" deer control, "chemical-free" deer control, and "green" deer control. All of these are slightly different.

Natural repellents have ingredients such as hot peppers, eggs, and salts. If something is organic, it was alive or produced by something alive, like blood meal or bone meal. If you check out our deer repellent recipes page you will find over 50 homemade deer repellent recipes mostly using natural products.

Natural products also include urine, soap, skunk scent and blood from meat.

Products that fall into a category like chemical free, would be Milorganite. Milorganite is a bio-solid fertilizer that repels deer by smell. Read about Milorganite

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