Mr. Doug Hunt

by Mr. Doug Hunt

During my brief research on the topic of deer whistles, I found that some county and state departments of transportation have substantially reduced deer/vehicle collisions by installing deer whistles on their vehicles. In some cases these annual reductions of collisions were near 75% - 90%. A portion of this reduction may be attributed to driver focus and awareness. My wife and I live in the country and car-pool to the city each day, so during those spring and fall months of the year when we're traveling during the dusk and dawn hours, we help each other by watching the road. This team effort has saved many of deers lives and comprehensive claims. I've had to actually stop the truck on several occasions due to bucks standing in the middle of the road. I do have deer whistles on both of our vehicles and believe they work well at prescribed speeds, but I also believe attentiveness and that second set of eyes on the road are invaluable.

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