This Moultrie Tripod Feeder cuts feed filling down to size! The name says it all - EASY! - you won't need a ladder to fill this Feeder! Works like a traditional spin cast Feeder, except it stands approximately 5'4" in height which eliminates the climb for you when you're pouring in a bag of feed.

Timer and battery are conveniently housed on the side of the hopper in a protective casing that's real easy to access. The feeder motor is protected by a metal varmint-proof cage and metal feeder feet are part of the deal to give the setup extra stability. Easy to fill from ground level, (if you are taller that 5' 4" )only 5'4" in height, but broadcast distance is still the same as traditional automatic deer feeders. It has a built-in metal varmint guard and funnel included.

The Moultrie® Easy - Fill Tripod Feeder control box has an easy to access and encases timer and battery, keeping it away from corn dust in a locking weatherproof box. A programmable digital timer lets you schedule up to 6 feedings per day. Customize your feed dispense times between 1 and 20 seconds. It has a tapered design which keeps food from trapping on bottom and sides of barrel. Strong metal feeder feet are included.

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