Motion Detector Deer Repellents

Motion detectors are not on all mechanical deer repellents,but they can make all the difference on whether of not the repellent will be effective. Some people even make their own motion sensors or buy commercially available sensors and add them to their own controllers.

There are two products that stand out when we talk about deer controls with sensors. The Scarecrow, the original product that senses deer, then shoots them with water from a hose, and The Guardener which built on that idea and added solar panels and a holding tank for the water so it can be moved anywhere.

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow™ - This motion-activated sprinkler attaches to the garden hose. Just hook it up to your garden hose, plug in the 9-Volt battery and then place the stake in the ground near area to be protected. When an animal is seen, a valve opens, and instantly releases a three-second pulsating spray of water. The combination of the sudden noise, movement, and water frightens animals away. It is a clean alternative to repellant, but is limited to the distance the water can spray. Both a pro and con is that it is motion activated sensing motion and heat the same way security lights work.  This motion could be deer, your dog or cat, or you. One scarecrow can cover up to 1,000 square feet.

From Amazon Reviews:

Jeff McCormack I have three motion detecting sprinklers, two made by Contech (ScareCrow) and one by Havahart. Both of them are excellent for repelling deer (two years of experience with high deer pressure) but the Contech ScareCrow is more dependable. Although the Scarecrow sprinkler is more expensive, it is worth the price. The Havahart does not come with a guarantee other than a 30 day return policy whereas the Contech ScareCrow sprinkler has a two year warranty and they stand behind it. I had one fail after 22 months of use and they replaced it promptly. Also the motion detecting range, sensitivity, and adjustment is more stable and dependable in the Contech ScareCrow. The only time I've not had the ScareCrow work was during a period of very high humidity during some rainy weather when it failed to go off during a period of less than a day. On the other hand the Havahart motion sprinkler is much more erratic in its performance and sometimes fails to work for brief periods.

The Guardener

GuardenerTM is equipped with 2 ways to deter deer. First, it issues an ultrasonic alarm which can only be heard by the animals, and a pressurized water jet that will scare the deer. The device uses a motion sensor to detect the presence of nearby animals. You can set the detecting area by adjusting the sensitivity knob. Detection range can be adjusted from 15 to 25 feet. Different weather conditions may slightly alter ranges.A unique feature of The Guardener is that it uses both ultrasound and water blast to repel animals. The sprinkler can rotate up to 170 degrees and shooting pressurized water as far as 17 to 22 feet. It has a built in tank that can hold about 3.5 gallons of water. It is solar powered so there is no need for electricity or batteries.

Havahart 5265 Motion Activated Water Repellent

Motion activated water repellent chases wild animals away from landscape and gardens Spray Away senses the animal by using heat and movement for efficacy Spray Away pauses for 8 seconds after firing, creating randomness, preventing the animal from becoming accustomed to the repellent Water shoots 35 feet in length, protects 1000 square feet Uses 9 volt battery power for thousands of activations.

Amazon Review By Gary Upperman "garden lover" (Mojave Desert, CA):

"I bought this item as a way to keep rabbits out of rose bushes. I was skeptical when I bought it, but thought I would try it.

Took us a while to fine tune the motion sensor and the sprayer. We have it by our front porch, and didn't want to spray ourselves as we walked to the front door!

We've had it set up for over a month, and as far as I can tell, the rabbits haven't gotten close to the roses!

Word of caution: If the spray range is set too narrow, the sprinker tends to get stuck and doesn't move back and forth. Setting the spray range wider seems to correct the problem."

Janet Ellis KS "This product saved our vegetable garden. Deer and rabbits were decimating it until we set this up. I bought another one so we could have coverage from both ends."

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