Monster Stinky Homemade Brew

by Bill Bixby
(Honululu, Hawaii)

Secret ingredient

Secret ingredient

Here's my recipe for keeping deer away from my garden, and let me warn you now, it is some stinky smelling stuff!

First I take a bag and poop in it multiple times for a few weeks. And let me tell you, I can really blow out some monsters; especially after a night full of margaritas and spicy mexican.

Next, I fill my sack of monster poo with 20 garlic cloves that have been crushed.

Then you add a jar of tobasco. THE WHOLE THING!

Next, you'll want to take 20 eggs and open them. Stick them by a heater or in the sun. When they start to get ripe smelling, add to the mix.

At this point you should mash it up with a stick and urinate in it. Drinking a few beers first will help you go.

Next spread it around your plants. NEVER ON THEMM. REPEAT. NEVER ON THEM.

Repeat this process every few weeks or after rainy times.

Hope that helps!

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May 27, 2016
by: stopping deer

That made me laugh for quite a bit. Are you serious?

Feb 18, 2015
this is stinky
by: basil

Why do you want to do this stuff man. This looks really stinky. I would better go with some other classic technique than opting to make something this stinky. Well your idea is good I guess.

Jul 12, 2011
Funny Picture
by: Anonymous

Funny picture but a bit much.

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