Metal hexagrid deer fence

When it comes to keeping deer out of your yard and your garden, physical barriers such as fencing often offer the best protection. One such physical barrier method includes the installation of a metal hexagrid deer fence.

Metal hexagrid deer fencing is, in essence, a heavy-duty 20-gauge chicken wire that has been coated with a weather resistant black pvc coating that reduces wear and tear as well as visibility. It is the perfect solution for keeping deer at bay because it’s low visibility prevents deer from being able to jump over it.

The strength of the coated wire is also unparalleled by other products on the market today. It can withstand repeated collisions by deer attempting to jump over the fencing and maintain its integrity, saving you money and labor, and can be retrofitted with additional products in the event jumping attempts continue to be a problem.

Because of the low visibility of the black-coated wire, the metal hexagrid deer fence does not detract from the natural beauty of your lawn and gardens. As a matter of fact, most people do not notice the fence at all. Because of this characteristic, many pet owners have found that this fence offers them the ability to save even more money by allowing them to use the fence for pet containment as well as for deer deterrence without making a visible impact on their property.

Metal hexagrid deer fencing is rated for 30 years of service after installation. When compared to polypropylene deer fencing, this is 2-3 times longer, making it a cost efficient and effective deterrent. It has the added ability to deter rabbits and woodchucks if installed low enough to the ground. Most often this product is sold in 100’ rolls measuring 6’ in height, but other measurements are available. Utilizing shorter sections and attaching them to the existing fencing can achieve additional height.

If other methods to deter deer have been unsuccessful, install a metal hexagrid deer fence. You’ll be glad you did.

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