by Lisa
(New York)

I have used milorganite at the first emerging signs of growth in the spring. It really worked well as I think the deer associated my garden with a bad smell!

However, as I move toward a more organic approach to gardening, I cannot recommend using this product, especially on food crops. Sewage has heavy metal residue that is not completely removable in the filtration process. Also, think of the times you have flushed expired prescription medicine down the toilet.

I was sad to stop this method of pest prevention, but I think my yard, my kids and my pets are better off.

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Nov 04, 2008
I think it is fine to use
by: User

I have read more articles saying it is Ok to use than not OK. I have been using it with great success. It is easy and works. If you are unsure, just don't use it in your garden, it will be fine everywhere else in your garden.

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