Laura S.

by Laura S.
(Appleton, Washington, USA)

I have zombie deer. They eat EVERYTHING, including rhododendron - to the root!
Recipe: About 2 TBspoons per gallon of each ingredient in general. What you don't have from the list below just omit, whatever you do enhances the brew.
Throw all this in a blender - works even through a few rains and its fun to make too...

Mustard (the hotter the better)
Cheap cooking oil
Dish soap (smelly is best)
Garlic (lots)
Onion (some)
2 eggs (per gallon) shells and all...
Hot sauce (anything will do)
Finely ground black pepper
1/4 cup White vinegar
Comet Cleansing powder (it will foam a bit because of the vinegar, its ok)
3/4 cup yogurt
1/2 Can of sardines
enough water to make the consistency of a thin shake.

Whir away. Make a So-Long-Deer smoothie! No need to let simmer in sun, or ferment, or spray, just splash about on plants and pots and soil beneath. Don't smoother the plants though, and test delicate plants with just a bit first! Use more on pots and soil, that's good enough. Unfortunately YOU will smell it for about 3-5 days then it fades to humans but still repels critters. Apply a bit more after heavy rain or hot dry conditions might have diminished active ingredients. Don't apply in full sun, or extreme conditions. Apply morning or eve. in less than 70 degrees is best. This recipe doesn't require wrangelling a cougar and training it to piss-in-a-pot, in case you were disappointed... :} Oh, and wash your blender very well right after brew is done!

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