It really stinks

by Thomas
(Happy Valley, OR)

There are no natural predators, and last fall we had as many as 12 deer in the orchard eating, fruit as well as the trees branches, and in the vegetable garden eating everything. Add in the flowers and rose bushes, and nothing was safe.

First, I have noticed deer in this area of Oregon do not like Shasta daisies. They grow easily with no maintenance, so I have them both growing in the orchard around the trees as well as in various places in the flower garden.

First, this is not to be placed directly on anything that is to be eaten, such as fruit or vegetables. My repellent, which has worked virtually without fail, is applied by gently pouring on a few leaves on the plants I want to protect. It doesn't take much, but generally will kill the leaves upon which it is placed.

3 gallons human urine
2 lbs ground habenero
3 doz whole uncooked eggs
1 lb ground chicken hearts
1 gallon very old canola cooking oil

Mix in a 5-gallon paint pail and let sit in the sun for a month or so. Wear a facemask while handling and place in one-gallon milk jugs (not completely full because it ferments). When applying do not face into the wind and wash hands very thoroughly every time you use any.

The oil tends to keep it on the plants regardless of weather. There are clear signs the deer continue to monitor the plants on a daily basis, but even though only a leaf or two on various branches has any applied there has been no nibbling at all.

When there is about a foot of new growth I add a little to another leaf or two. Disgusting but effective.

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