I have a friend that rides his Harley at night and swears by them...

Well last year I rode to his house in the evening on Mothersday, I left at about 8:30 to ride home 7.6 miles. I made it 3 miles before I saw a big deer in the middle of the rode as I was halfway through a left hander. I braked downshift and maneuvered to go behind it. Last thing I saw was the deer hitting my windshield. I was in a coma for 3 days, don't remember a lot of my time in the ER. I was flown by life flight to the ER. I had a Severe TBI, shattered left eye socket. Somehow my bike and I rode another 1/10 mile to the only house nearby. I think my Guardian Angel is why. It's been a long rode to recovery after 4 total brain injuries. three were in my 26 years of service. Needless to say when I am up again. I'm putting a set on my Harley. I will only ride during day light.

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