Homemade Gravity Deer Feeders

Whether you want to encourage deer to visit your property as a hobby, for hunting, or simply want to lure them away from your garden, a homemade gravity deer feeder is the perfect choice. Making a homemade gravity deer feeder is a relatively simple project that you can accomplish with a few simple tools and inexpensive materials.

The first thing you should consider when building a homemade gravity deer feeder is where you are going to place in on your property. If you are looking to observe the deer from the comfort of your own home, placing the feeder in view of a large window is ideal. You should keep the feeder at least 100 yards away from areas where people frequent and where gardens are planted as you do not want to embolden the deer and encourage them to feed from your garden or cause bodily harm or property damage.

There are two main types of homemade gravity feeders, PVC and bucket feeders. Both types of feeders are simple and inexpensive to make and are very durable and effective in encouraging deer to stop by for a quick meal. PVC is both tough and weather resistant, allowing you to keep food in the feeder without the worry of food spoilage.

Homemade gravity feeders work best when continuously filled with seeds, corn, vegetables, or grain coated in molasses. Make sure that you check the status of the food in your gravity deer feeder often as deer will visit more often if they can reliably find food here.

Making your own homemade gravity deer feeders is an easy way to enjoy the local deer population while keeping them at a safe distance from your home and garden. If making a feeder is something you might be interested in, take a peek at the examples located at the links above and here are a few videos below to get you started.

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