by Hanxter

1 wife/girlfriend

1 shotgun
1 box of shells (20)
1 halogen outdoor flood light with remote on/off switch
3 cases of Bud
1 box of No-Doze (optional if you don't work second shift)
1 good filet knife
1 grill

after many years, i've found working second shift adds to the effectiveness of this method...

a) drink 6 Buds and wait on the porch with shotgun loaded
b) when deer arrive, have wife/girlfriend turn on the flood light with remote
c) take out 1 deer
d) look around to make sure the coast is clear and dress the deer with the filet knife

the next day, call your friends and fire up the grill

finish the Bud

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Jan 25, 2009
wife scary
by: Anonymous

i sometimes let my wife yell at them ... her voice would scare anything yough...

Jul 06, 2008
Bambi Schambi
by: Princess Realistic

GO Hanxter!!! Just what I was thinking...You eat my
veggies...I eat you. :-)

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