The Guardener Deer Repeller

The Guardner, a new DEER REPELLING DEVICE, has features designed to make it one of the best product on the market today. The Guardener™ A201 uses two proven deer repelling technologies (ultrasound and water spraying) in a package that is environmentally “green” and solves many of the shortcomings of other water sprayers or ultrasonic repelling devices. The product uses BOTH repelling technologies (water and ultrasound), is solar powered, and has a strong battery operated pump to produce a very effective water pattern over a large area.

The A201 Guardener does not require a water hose connection, electrical wiring,or stakes to hold it in place. It contains its own water supply and battery power. This makes it easily portable. It does not create wet or muddy areas, and because there are no hoses it does not interfere with lawn mowing or produce tripping hazards as other products do. Our product can easily be placed far from water supplies or in areas where it would be impractical to run a water hose. Since it uses NO chemicals or irritants is compatible with organic gardening and does anger animal rights activists. We never want our products to harm animals in any way! Satisfaction guarantees and warranties apply.

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More Questions About The Guardener?

What is the Guardener? The Guardener is an intelligent device aimed to stop deer and other animals from invading garden crops or precious flowers. It is a solar powered, maintenance free device--- aside from filling the tank with water as needed. It provides an independent water pressure system so your garden is clear of additional water pipes.

How does the Guardener deter animals? The device is equipped with 2 effective yet non-harming weapons to deter animals. First, it issues an ultrasonic alarm which can only be heard by the animals when they approach to a specific area set by the sensitivity. If the animals are not deterred by the alarm, the second weapon—a pressurized water jet will physically scare them away.

How does the device know animals are approaching? The device uses a motion sensor to detect the presence of nearby animals. You can set the detecting area by adjusting the sensitivity knob.

What is the effective range of the motion sensor? The range can be adjusted from a minimum of 15 feet to a maximum of 25 feet. Different weather conditions may slightly alter ranges.

How much area can the the Guardener cover? The sprinkler can rotate up to 170 degrees and shooting pressurized water as far as 17 to 22 feet.

Can I adjust the distance range for the sprinkler? No. The sprinkler is customized for simplicity and cannot be adjusted.

How do I avoid accidentally setting off the device? As long as you approach the device from behind, you will not set it off. Should you accidentally activate the sensor from the front; you still have time to walk away during the buzzing period which signals activation of the ultrasound alarm. If you intend to work around the detecting area for a time period, you can simply press the off button to deactivate the system. Just remember to switch it back on when done.

How I install my Guardener to avoid aiming to other people? In general, the sensor should only face the garden. People working behind the sensor will not activate the sensor.

My garden is near a street. Will the vehicles driving by activate my Guardener? As long as your sensor is not facing the street, it will be fine. In addition, there is a delay time sensor activation such that a fast moving object will not cause the sensor to respond.

What is the advantage of the Guardener compared to other animal repelling system? A unique feature of The Guardener is that it uses both ultrasound and water blast to repel animals. Consequently, it is more effective and reliable than products which use only one feature to deter animals.

Is the water system by the Guardener better than other water blast repelling systems? Another unique and important feature of the Guardener water system is that it does not connect to a water resource through water pipe ensuring the cleanliness and beauty of your yard. the Guardener only needs water refilled into its tank on average of once every 10-14 days.

Then how the water is pressurized? A high pressure, self-operating submersible water pump delivers water pressure of 2 bars to the sprinkler. The sprinkler then rotates to spray the water toward unwanted animals.

How much water is stored in the tank and how many times does a full tank last? The tank itself can hold about 3.5 gallons of water which is enough for 30 to 40 times of pumping.

How long does the sprinkler work in a cycle? Each blast lasts about 4 seconds back and forth when the angle is set to 120 degrees.

Under normal use, how often you need to fill up the water tank? On average, if a deer visits 2 times a day, it would take about 10 days to 2 weeks to empty a full tank. We anticipate you will need to water your garden much more frequently than refilling your Guardener. On the same note, we found that when deer come close enough to be sprayed by the water after hearing the ultrasound, they learn to stay away from the area just from ultrasound alone. This results in less water use over time.

What could be the reason for the water tank to empty unusually fast? Unless you have animals visiting more than 30 times a day, the most probable cause is false triggering from pointing the Guardener at moving water or vehicles or severe wind. You may need to adjust your location if you have false triggering issues.

Except occasionally filling the water tank, is the Guardener a maintenance free system? Yes. The system uses a solar energy panel to recharge the battery power.

What sunshine exposure is sufficient for normal use? For an average use of 3-4 times of triggering the water pump each day, around 2 hours of exposure will be plenty.

What if my location does not provide enough sunlight to power the Guardener? You may need to try alternative locations. If you cannot find an ideal location, you can purchase an additional solar panel from AimerGard which can be easily connected to the Guardener though an existing spare connector.

Will the Guardener be damaged if the water runs out? The pump is capable of running dry for longer than 5 minutes. Since every pumping cycle only lasts 4 seconds, there will be no immediate damage.

Can the Guardener be used the whole year long? The Guardener is designed to operate in conditions that support plant life. The Guardener is not designed to pump frozen water, therefore, it is mandatory to move the Guardener to shelter in freezing conditions.

How do I store the Guardener? The water tank should be emptied. We also recommend charging the solar panel for 1-2 days before storage.

Are the products available in different colors? The products are only available in the green color; this was chosen to both blend in with the natural environment and to allow the customer to easily view the water level in the tank. If you wish to change the color of the product to blend in with your house, etc., you may paint it with any commercial spray paint.

Is there any factor I should consider if I choose to paint the product? The green color of the product allows the water level to be easily seen. If you choose to paint the product & wish to be able to easily view the water level in your tank, then you should consider either 1) leaving an unpainted vertical strip on the product, or 2) choosing a paint color that is light enough or translucent enough to be able to view the water level.

Can I use any paint to change the color of the product? Yes, you can use any commercial outdoor paint available from home improvement stores, etc.

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