I am looking to fence part of my yard. Is one type of fence (wire versus heavy polypropylene versus ultrasonic fencing been more successful. It would be around an acre of grass, perenials and srubs. We have a small group of deer.

It depends on how much money you want to spend and how your yard needs to look to the neighbors. The most successful fence is the double type where you have some kind of fence, then another fence a feet after that. They just won't cross that, but if you live in an area where there are neighbors or a neighbor organization that will not be happy with that kind of fencing, then you need something low key like a fishing line fence. Electronic control is good, especially if your house is in a neighborhood where you can't have a fence, but you would have to get a really extensive one to cover that much area.

If no one cares what it looks like,and money isn't a problem, then put up 8' metal hardware cloth or "goat" fencing on wooden posts and use a cattle guard to drive through. That is what field nurseries do.

I would start with good metal or wood posts that are 8-10' high. Then I would just use the cheapest least obtrusive line, like multiple lines of fishing line and see if that takes care of it. If you can't put up a tall fence you have to put up two fences, or you might as well forget it. Or just buy some of the Guardeners and put them where you need them. It would be cheaper to buy 5-6 of those and put them where you need them, and just go around and refill the water in it every so often. If you get a Guardener or two, use my 10% off coupon on the other page.

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