Fast growing ground cover?

by Anne
(Mariposa, Ca.)

We recently had to have a large area of our property excavated and now it has become muddy and rutted with winter rain. We would like to plant some sort of fast growing grass like Rye but we are pretty sure the deer would quickly devour any fresh growth. We are in zone 7 in the Sierra foothills of California. Ideas?..

They sell a grass blend in CA that has ryes and different Fescue's. I would plant that. There will be perennial rye that will come back if the deer eat it and perennial Fescue if the deer eat it, and the mix has annual rye and Fescue that will come up really fast that will hold fill the area while the perennial grasses get established. That's what I would do. Different grass companies call the blend different things, but just ask for a cool season blend. Expect it to cost about $1.00 -$1.50 per pound of seed and use 7 pounds per 1,000 sq feet.

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