Electronic Car Whistles For Preventing Deer - Car Accidents

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Protect wildlife while preventing damage to your vehicle with the Deer Alert Warning Whistles. They alert outdoor animals such as deer of an approaching vehicle by generating sound waves heard only by them. Mounts two of them to the front of any vehicle.

The Hornet  Deer Avoidance Device is electronically powered and does not rely on wind or air flow. The Hornet  boasts using the latest military technology from the field of high pitched, directional sonic bombardment to alert deer and other animals of a vehicle approaching.& Proprietary wave variance tuning enables the sonic impulse that is produced to carry long distances. Advertised as effective at any speed.  The Hornet  produces a high pitched, directional sonic wave., which is  is reflected from the road surface of a moving vehicle, producing a a virtual sonic echo effect.

Animal Lover Car Attached Deer Warning Device Emits a 110 DB ultrasonic alert while your vehicle is running. Easily attaches to your vehicles battery while the base unit attaches to your front license plate. A LED light illuminates on the base unit telling you that your unit is operational. Effective at all speeds. Actual alert device measures 3.5 inches high. Additional adapter pack measures 3.5 inches long x 2.5 inches high.

Walmart sells an inexpensive pair of deer whistles that easily mount to the front bumper. Deer alert whistles generate sound waves starting at 35 mph and warns deer and other animals of oncoming vehicles with an 80% protection rate. You can order them at Deer Departed Marketplace.
There are many deer whistle reviews listed below. Many people swear they work and believe they have saved their lives. Some insurance companies will give a discount if you have deer alert whistles. Please tell us about your experience using them.

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