Electronic Whistle

by Harry Watkins
(Little Rock, AK)

We purchased Hornet electronic whistles after our Mercury Marquis was totaled several years ago by a 6-point buck on the Interstate. Thanks to the airbags, my wife and I were not injured, however we did not want to repeat the traumatic experience. We have sighted many deer since, but none have crossed our path. We feel safer having the Hornet!

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May 11, 2010
I will keep an electronic deer alert
by: Anonymous

I have an electronic deer alert on my 91 escort. it is located behind the ford emblem. I was driving on a city street in a town where there are a large number of deer. a deer stepped out in front of me. it was far enough away to not be a hazard, but gave me an opportunity to activate the sonic alert. the deer reacted immediately by running to get away from the noise. Until then, I had not seen a deer since putting the alert on my car. On another occasion in yellow stone park, a buffalo stepped out in front of me. I turned on the deer alert. the buffalo became very agitated and moved quickly to get away from the obnoxious noise. The alert would not turn off in the ultrasonic mode, so as it set in front of my house, the rabbits and squirrels stopped coming near my yard, and the dogs being walked past my house stopped using my yard as their toilet.
I will keep an electronic deer alert on all of my vehicles. I tried the wind type and never had a deer encounter, but repeatedly had to replace them for some reason, no idea why.

Apr 09, 2008
Thanks for the info
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info. Anybody tried any of the other whistles?

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