Early Morning Encounter

by JM
(Midwest, MO)

I live in St. Louis Missouri, very suburban, subdivision area. Deer are seen walking down sidewalks in broad daylight on a regular basis on our street. For the past several years they have eaten all my hosta's, geraniums, and in winter munched on my arborvitae evergreen trees (which a landscape nursery told me was resistant)

I found out the hard way that feeding the birds attracts the deer...

But to my point...I have my patio containers full of herbs and the other day at 5 am, I turned on the back porch light to find 2 mule deer standing less than 5 feet from my sliding glass door, smelling and rooting in the newly planted Rosemary and Basil. They dismissed both pots of the herbs and proceeded to munch on new Hosta shoots in the mulch bed. I'm going to invite "Herb" over more often..haha

Thanks for this great, informative site...you offer us excellent advice and resources to help co-exists with these lovely creatures.

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