Did My Deer Whistles Work?

by Chris Rose
(Bristol, Va)

I have a set of Walmart purchased air whistles on the front of my 2003 Ford Taurus. While traveling home from work this evening (11-18-2014), I rounded a set of curves in a mostly wooded area near Bristol, Va. Entering the first curve I spot a rather large buck whitetail, by the size of the rack I am going to estimate at least a 6 pointer, about to go into his leap up the hill, onto the road I am traveling. Just past the point I spot him, he stops dead in his tracks, turns and instantly darts back down the hill from where he just came. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of reaction approaching a deer. There have been many deer killed just recently in my area. I have seen 2 hit in the same spot in as many weeks. With that observation, I personally think something has to spook a deer, especially a mature buck, to make him turn and reverse his travels. My Taurus is bright white. Now whether it was the color he spotted moving towards his travel path, or the sound of the whistles oncoming, is left to speculation. All I know, is this, another lucky day on the highway, and I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for his protective hand. Stay safe out there folks and always watch your surroundings and stay a DEFENSIVE driver :)

Chris Rose
Bristol, Va

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Jun 06, 2017
Maybe the do, about to real world test on our car
by: Anonymous

Well, after two hits on this car, it's time to put the Sav-A Life deer alerts to the test. We live in western Loudoun county in Northern Virginia. Funny thing is my last car was an Audi and the deer did just as you described every time I saw one. I never hit a deer in that car, I may have to buy another. or a big truck and order a Ranch Hand Cattle Guard for the front end. Then the deer better run, I will not vere, slow down or anything. They're dead an no damage to my truck....The deer are like rodents here....

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