Deer Predictor

The widget below tracks the times that deer are more likely to be found in your garden or in your landscape. This is based on scouting reports done in Texas, but the basic premise is the same throughout the US or UK. calculates the best times to hunt. They have mapped 1000's of deer sightings to time, weather, barometric pressure, season, temperature, and several other pertinent points. From these maps they have devised a tool that predicts the best times to hunt.

At we do not advocate shooting deer, but this will help you predict and anticipate when the deer will be worse and apply repellent accordingly.
There is a deer predictor app for your phone at Deer Predictor. It utilizes an algorithm based on weather to predict the time you will see the most deer. You will get the most advanced detailed 5 day prediction forecast for deer.

You can also try the website Solunar Forecast. You will enter your zip code and it will give you an idea of the best time to hunt and fish, so you can loosely translate into when deer in your area will be more active.

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