Deer whistles,Do's and don'ts

by Wayne Cummings
(Center Point, Texas)

Ive had deer whistles (air) mounted on the front of my truck for at least 5 years.I live in the Texas hill country

deer are very plentiful, and stand very close to the road at any second ,bolt across into traffic I've seen this several times a day.I'm proud to say I've never had a deer move let alone bolt in my direction they work very well.Just a few
comments about whistles 1.They must be checked daily for
bugs and debris closing the air holes. 2. They must be
level to create the perfect pitch, (if you blow into each
one, they have a different pitch.) 3.If you have to replace
one make sure the one you replace ,is different than the one
that's on the vehicle, remember they must be different pitches to work. The only draw back about air whistles
are the vehicle must be moving at least 35mph.,to create the perfect pitch ,only bad thing is deer don't check for speed !!!!!

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