Deer Repellent

by Robert Merson
(Powell River, British Colombia, Canada)

450 to 500 grams of Blood Meal
50 milliliters of Vegetable Oil
4 Liters of Water

- put 4 liters of Water into a 5 gallon pail, add Blood Meal.
- Mix thoroughly using a paint mixer on a drill.
- Once Blood Meal has fully dissolved into the water, add Vegetable Oil and continue mixing.
- once the Vegetable Oil has been thoroughly mixed, pour solution through a paint strainer into your Sprayer.
- Use entire amount of solution, if it is left in the sprayer the solution will go rancid. Make sure you flush the sprayer once you are done.

Before applying the Deer Repellent, it's always a good idea to soap spray the vegetation that it will applied to. This allows a better residue effect, as dust from lawn mowers, wind, and equipment gather onto the leaves. If you don't soap spray first, the repellent will adhere to the dust and wash off with the first rain.

Soap Spray:
30 Milliliters of Lemon Dish soap
4 Liters of Water
( 30 Milliliters of Vegetable Oil if using as insect repellent/killer )
- use in pump sprayer.

250 Milliliters Lemon Dish Soap
20 Liters of Water
( 70 Milliliters of Vegetable Oil if using as insect repellent/ Killer )

If applying soap spray using a down stream injector at a 16X Dilution ratio.

Allow foliage to fully dry after washing with soap spray. Then apply Deer Repellent.

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