-2 Eggs (beaten)
-Splash of Milk
-1-2 Cups Water
-Half Bottle of generic Hot Sauce
-3 Tbsp Garlic Powder
-3 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper
-3 Tbsp Chili Powder
-3 Tbsp Coarse Black Pepper
In a mason jar, add 2 eggs (beaten..this is great for rotten smell and also helps stick the whole mixture onto the plants), splash of whole milk (or any kind of milk..whole milk tends to smell worse rotten), half a bottle of hot sauce (I use the cheap stuff from any dollar sense in wasting your good Frank's), 3 tablespoons garlic powder, 3 tablespoons cayenne pepper, 3 tablespoons chili powder, 3 tablespoons coarse black pepper. Use water to increase volume/fill up the mason jar. You want the mixture to be thick and soupy not paste-like. Let this concoction sit out in the hot sun covered with the lid but don't screw the lid down all the way at first, you want the milk and eggs to rot. This mixture probably wont work well with a spray bottle as its pretty thick and will clog a spray bottle most likely, I've never tried it. What I do is use a paint brush and smear it all over the plants I'm trying to protect and i also drizzle some over the tops of plants...More the Better! By the way this recipe also works great for repelling any of the following by putting on their favorite foods--> Annoying Mother-in-laws,relatives,siblings,kids,pets,roommates. One bite and they'll never touch your food again..guaranteed!

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