Deer Repellent Recipes You Can Make Yourself

To get the most out of your homemade deer repellent, read our repellent tips also: Deer Repellent Tips

3 raw eggs
3 tbls. of red hot sauce
3 tbls. of garlic juice or minced
Add enough water to a blender to process and mix well. Add this to a gallon of water and spray on plants. You can make the spray last longer by adding Wilt Proof to it.

FROM: A Minnesota Master Gardener at
Blend 2 eggs and a cup or two or cold water at high speed. Add this mixture to a gallon of water and let it stand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, spray on foliage. The egg mixture does not wash off easily, but re-application 2-3 times a season may be needed. For a larger quantity, blend a dozen eggs into 5 gallons of water. This mix is also said to repel rabbits.

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FROM: www.Rutherford
6 eggs
4 hot peppers or enough to make it very hot
6-12 gloves of garlic, enough to make it stink
5 cups of warm water.
Put it all in a blender and liquify it. Put it in an old milk jug. Set it out for a couple of days in the sun to let it cook and get really stinky and hot. Strain it good if you want to use it in a sprayer. You can also pour it on and/or around the plants directly from the jug.

Scare Deer Repellent
1 yard of old sheeting, cotton, or muslin
1/4 cup bloodmeal
1 cup of hair clippings
Cut the fabric into small 4-inch squares. Mix the bloodmeal and hair together and place about a tablespoon onto the center of each square. Bring up the ends and secure with a string or rubber band. Hang these little packets from the branches of the trees and shrubs.

FROM: Backyard Magazine

1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 Tablespoon of cooking oil
1 Tablespoon of dish soap
Add 1 gallon of water and shake well. Spray or sprinkle on plants every two weeks or after heavy rain.

FROM: A woman on a forum that swears it works
3 large eggs, shells included
1 large clove of garlic
2 cups of fresh green onion tops
2 cups of water
Put everything into the blender and liquify for 2 minutes. Add this mixture to a pail containing 2 quarts of warm water and melted deodorant soap such as dial. Stir together, then add two tablespoons of chili powder or cayenne pepper and mix well. Splash, spray, drip, or somehow paint the mixture on the plants. Be sure to get egg shells on the leaves. When used every two weeks it is effective year-around. Save some of each batch to "ripen" the next batch.
NOTE:A slightly different version was listed with the only difference being that they fermented the mix for a few days. This person said it was also effective for Voles.

FROM: Kreftmeyer Fine Gardens/Missouri Botanical Gardens
2 eggs
1 cup skim milk
1 cup water
2 Tablespoons liquid dish detergent
Put all in blender and spray.

FROM: Prus Family, Chapel Hill
1 cup sour milk, sour cream, or buttermilk
2 eggs beaten and strained
5 drops liquid dish soap
five drops cooking oil or dormant oil
20 drops of essential oil of cloves
Top off 1 gallon container with water. Shake well. Spray as a light mist. Respray every 2-3 weeks.


2 tsp. beef bouillon
2 well-beaten eggs
1 gallon of water
Dissolve bouillon and eggs in 1 gallon water. Let the mixture sit for a few days. Apply. Reapply after heavy rain.

Mix together in a blender:
2 cups of water
5 cloves of fresh garlic
1 cup of chopped onions
5 Tbsp. powdered hot pepper
Pour into a covered container and let stand for 24 hours. Strain and mix with 1 gallon of water. Apply to plants with a sprayer.

4 tablespoons ground cayenne pepper
1 cup white vinegar
½ cup peeled garlic
1 cup clear ammonia
1 cup Murphy's oil soap
1 bar Ivory hand soap (Optional)
Boil the cayenne in the vinegar for one minute and strain through a coffee filter. Puree garlic in 2 cups of water in a blender. Strain that mixture through another coffee filter. Combine the two liquids with the ammonia and oil soap in a 3 gallon garden sprayer. Fill the sprayer to the maximum level with water. Spray on areas you wish to protect. For extra stickiness, float a bar of Ivory soap in the spray and use it over several fillings. Reapply weekly and after rains.

Mix one whole egg with a quarter cup of water and mix well. Pour the mixture into a pump bottle and spray it on your plants. This deterrent will withstand light rains because the egg sticks to the leaves. ~ Mix one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent with one ounce of hot sauce in one litre of water and spray directly on plants which deer have been nibbling. ~ For larger volume applications, mix the following ingredients:
2 gallons water (8 liters)
2 whole eggs
2 T cooking oil
2 T liquid detergent
Pour the mixture into a pump bottle and spray it on your plants.

From contributor "grdnstff" at UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research on Vancouver Island

He has used this for 5 years and swears it is the best recipe for him to use.
1 tablespoon of baking powder
1 egg yolk
1 litre of water
Spray plants every 2-3 weeks.

From: Missoulian

10 drops of clove oil

1/2 teaspoon of dish soap

1/2 teaspoon of vegetable oil

1 egg

1/2 cup of milk

Whisk all of this together and add 1/2 gallon of water. Put in spray bottle (after making the opening on the bottom of the spray part larger, as the egg will clog it up) and spray plants with it. Use again after a hard rain or on new growth. I usually spray once per week and the leftovers can be kept in the fridge.

Hope this is a help to gardeners.

Lisa Ward, Florence

Dial Soap or Lifebuoy Soap Drill a hole in the bar and hang it with fishing line. Hang one bar from each small tree or every 3 feet on large trees.

Human hair, coyote urine, moth balls, bone tar oil,rancid grease,feathermeal (dried chicken feathers),dried blood or blood meal. These can be put alone or in combination in a nylon stocking, mesh bag, or plastic bag with holes about 3 feet off the ground.
Fabric softener cloths can be hung every 3 feet. Also ammonia-soaked rags can be used.

Deer-Departed Wants To Say Thanks For The Recipes Above and The Ones Submitted Below

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I am curious to know if using these home made repellents could burn or damage the plant or leaves. I used 3 eggs, quart or so of 2% milk, cayenne pepper, …

Deer Repellent 
Try this 1 Part Murphys Oil 10 parts water spray directly on hosta or what ever else …

Deer in Oregon (Tested Mostly in Central Oregon) 
I created my own mixture and found it most affective: Dial Liquid Soap Cayenne Pepper Garlic Powder Onion Salt The more of those you add the …

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2 eggs,2T.garlic powder, ground to fine powder(SO AS NOT TO CLOG SPRAYER)1/4 cup red pepper sauce,1T cooking oil 1Tdish detergent.mix well in blender & …

During grilling season, I take the raw blood from the meat and drip it around the garden fence. My fence is a combination of 4' tall plastic fence for …

deer repellent 
Just crack 1 egg and hand whisk it till well beaten. Add to 5 gallons water. Spray or sprinkle it on plants. It will keep the deer away for a month …

Do NOT use hot sauce or hot peppers! 
If you use hot sauce, hot peppers, or sprinkle dried pepper flakes any animals, including pet dogs and cats, can get it on their paws and then in their …

Do not use the vinegar recipe 
The vinegar recipe above, will only kill the plants. Do not under any circumstances, spray your plants with vinegar.

Deer Repellent 
Please note that I elected to use the above recipe that good for voles also but wanted to add some additions to content and application. The recipe above …

deer meat 
Items needed 12 gauge automatic shotgun 4 double oo shells 1 battery power spotlight 12 pack Bud light 1 fold up chair Place chair in center of …

VHS tape 
I live 1 mile off the road in the middle of the woods and have many deer roaming through. For the last two years I have found VHS tape effective in keeping …

Shack, Rattle and Go 
This is a solution I learned from my Grandma a very sucessful gardener, To Keep birds deer and other varments out of my lawn and plants, hang things like …

Fire hot 
gallon of water. 5 ghost peppers. cut up peppers and put them in the water and set in sun, like making sun tea with very hot peppers. when water looks …

Raw Wool 
Never tried it but I met a forester that said in Germany they string raw wool over the young seedlings. When they deer browse it chokes them and they then …

Habenero/Peppermint Surprise 
10 Habeneros, Ripe Orange 25 Cayennes, Ripe Red 2 cups Vinegar 1 cup Whole Egg Yolks 1 cup 2% Milk 1/2 cup Canola Oil 1 cup Loose Peppermint Leaves …

Old pee pee best around tree stand 
Human urine let it sit in room temperature for about a good month and then get industrial size spray bottle add a dab of vegetable oil to the urine to …

deer repellent that surely work. 
Few hand grenades, AK 47, mine your entire yard. Build watch towers, with heavy duty lights, put each kids in one of the watch, and let the game begin …

Pam's Deer Rellent 
I took a combination of several recipes and tried it - IT WORKED!. My doe never came back after the first sniff and bite. We live on Deer Run Dr. - Enough …

New Way to Use Deer Repellant 
This is not a new recipe, but a different way to use any good repellent. 1) Obtain small plastic containers - yogurt or individual fruit cup size. …

These recipes are great around tree stand 
Thank you for sharing with me and friends on ways we can repel deer from tree stand where the killers will be sitting and waiting for the poor deer . …

Moth Balls  
Scatter moth balls on the ground in flower beds. I have had good luck keeping rabbits and deer out with them. You will need to add more as the moth balls …

Deer problem 
buy one dozen eggs hot smoked sausage patties tobasco sauce wheat bread Make breakfast and eat well. Grab a rifle and shoot any deer you see.

Stages of deer repellent 
1) Darn Deer ate my new fruit trees! 2) fence. LOL! 3) Spray with egg. 4) Spray with egg and jalapeno. 5) Spray with egg, jalapeno, and habanerno …

flyfish1 Try Paintball Gun 
How about a painball gun? A friend's father said it worked like gangbusters. It scares the deer and does not hurt them. My friend borrowed the weapon …

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Deer Repellent It does work. 
Take a grass rope, and hang on post, around your garden.Then take Irish Spring (reg.)soap, with moth balls,put them in some old (knee hi's hose) and hang …

Hot Rosemary Deer Repellent 
Boil eight cups of water Add 6 large fresh sprigs of rosemary simmer for 10 minutes Let cool Add 1 teaspoon Tabasco seasoning regular Add 1 teaspon …

GOFEET in King George 
I make a tea bag from a large coffee filter with: 1 tbls mint flakes or fresh mint 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp red pepper flakes or chipotle powder 1 …

Angry gardener 
3 sticks dynamite 100 ft wire 1 car battery

Eco Friendly, and truly works! 
I can't believe I didn't read about this anywhere. We, here in Cleveland, Ohio have discovered the best deer repellent to date. It's call Milorganite …

1 wife/girlfriend 1 shotgun 1 box of shells (20) 1 halogen outdoor flood light with remote on/off switch 3 cases of Bud 1 box of No-Doze (optional …

Monster Stinky Homemade Brew 
Here's my recipe for keeping deer away from my garden, and let me warn you now, it is some stinky smelling stuff! First I take a bag and poop in it …

I had to give up growing pole beans on my garden fence due to the deer but since I started growing cucumbers on my fence I have had no more problems with …

420 gardens keep deer away 100% effective  
I have done extensive testing on keeping deer and pretty much any herbavore away from my little girls. 100% effective. 2 ingredients: Human hair, spread …

Fishing for Deer 
I strung heavy duty fishing line about waist high through the trees in a circle around our property and hung pieces of yellow plastic tape on it just so …

urine luck without deer 
Pee in a milk jug and let sit out in the sun to cook for 3-4 days. It is optional to put cooking oil for longer lasting effect. Spray or sprinkle around …

Vancouver Island Gardener 
Hard boil and mash 1 dozen eggs. Add about 1/3 kg bloodmeal. Add enough vegetable oil to moisten bloodmeal. If available, smash up some oyster shells, …

Irish Spring 
Simply use a potatoe peeler to thinly slice bars of Irish Spring soap around your garden. Only drawback is the color of the soap surrounding your garden, …

This deer repellent works well. 
2-3 Tbls. Cooking Oil 1 Eggs 1 cup Milk or Buttermilk 1 Tbls. liquid soap 1 Teaspoon hot chili oil (optional) 1 Qt. Water Combine in a blender; …

I was going to get a fence, but I tried this recipe 
When we had a landscaper over to consult on, among other things, installing some deer fencing so we could plant some more perennials, he suggested a much …

Miloganite Repels and Fertilizes 
My wife and I already used Milorganite (Milwalkee's sludge) as a natural fertilizer and then we realized that it worked as a deer repellent also. The …

Very good repellent 
2 1/2 Lbs Tiger Poop 5 Gallon bucket with cover Steep poop in 4 gallons of water for a few days. Using a sprinking can, sprinkle around plants and …

Best Deer Repellent 
I have a simple repellent that makes deer NEVER come back to eat my crops. I mix buckshot with gun powder and spray at high velocity from my deck at the …

Fed up with too many deer 
5 gallons human urine* (I know it's gross!) 1 dry pint cayenne pepper powder 1 gallon Wilt-pruf concentrate 6 raw eggs 8 tablespoons of chopped garlic …

Personal Experience with peppers 
My mother had real problems with deer a few years ago. They've gotten really bad around here and subsequently she's been buying flower types that the …

1 head of garlic, cloves separated and smashed (no need to peel) 1 qt. boiling water 1 tsp. castile soap (Dr. Bronners or similar) Steep garlic cloves …

Pee with a purpose 
Take old socks, stuff them with other old socks, or batting, like the kind you put in a quilt. Tie these to the trees or the garden fence. Take human …

Female Urine (human) 
I had read about coyote urine to deter deer, and I thought why not try human urine. Is's cheap, and most households have an unlimited supply. I live …

jake archer/ truck driver 
Not being home but once a week, this works to keep deer off my garden. 1. bottle of tabasco hot sauce 2. two eggs 3. gallon of water Blend eggs and …

Tobacco Tea 
a freebie for smokers or people with friends that are smokers.... empty the contents of two or three ashtrays into a pot of simmering water (yeah, …

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Deer repellant 
1 - 270 grains of lead propelled at 3000 fps


GARLIC FENCE Not rated yet

DIAL BAR SOAP Not rated yet

Orchiddoctor  Not rated yet
Place mixture into old gallon milk containers, and let the eggs rot. You won't smell them, but the deer will.

someone in the industry Not rated yet
I'm sorry... but as a professional who has been in this industry for over 8 years, these recipes will see marginal success at best. Unless you live in …

Retired Guy Not rated yet
Group 1 1 tsp clove oil 1 tsp cinnamon oil 1 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp salt Group 2 1 tsp Murpheys oil 1 tsp liquid dish soap 1 tsp baking soda …

Begone deer mix. Not rated yet
1large head of garlic. Remove outside covering and separate the cloves . Place them in a food processor and mince them finely. Remove minced garlic to …

Hot sauce Not rated yet
Your best bet is hot sauce if your looking for a cheap clean deer or even most insect repellant cuz it is basically all natural and nothing wants to eat …

crusty...dealing with deer from hell Not rated yet
The deer in my yard eat everything, planted 50 evergreens, consumed in 3 days. my recipe seems to be working well. 1 egg...2 tbs roasted …

Pee a deer away Not rated yet
Are deer eating your cedar fence or your tulips, other shrubs??You can pay up to $30.or more for a liter of deer repellent or spend it on a case of beer. …

Not kidding Not rated yet
Deer eating your cedar tree fence, cedar ornamental trees?including all those spring early tulips and other deer favorites??? You can pay $30.and up for …

Ungulate Behavior Not rated yet
I have a theory - animals do not eat where they have defficated (pooped)......most critters do "their business" away from where they eat. So by collecting …

Simply Cayenne Not rated yet
Sprinkle cayenne pepper directly on plants. Repeat after rain.

Deer Repellent Not rated yet
450 to 500 grams of Blood Meal 50 milliliters of Vegetable Oil 4 Liters of Water - put 4 liters of Water into a 5 gallon pail, add Blood Meal. - …

Deer repellant Not rated yet
We have a guinea pig and I sprinkle her poop around the plants and the deer never touch it!

Buh Bye Deer and Rabbits Not rated yet
2 gallons of water 6 eggs,beaten 2 tablespoons ground garlic 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper (optional) Use caution as this can choke a deer to death. …

Pam's deer repellent  Not rated yet
Pam's deer repellent works as well as the stuff sold at stores. I live in a MAJOR deer infested area. I apply this repellent on my fruit trees and roses …

Laura S. Not rated yet
I have zombie deer. They eat EVERYTHING, including rhododendron - to the root! Recipe: About 2 TBspoons per gallon of each ingredient in general. …

Smelly and sticky  Not rated yet
1/2 cup ground cinnamon stirred in with 1qt. hot water let set for 2 days. 1/2 cup garlic powder 1/2 cup onion powder 1/2 cup ground cayenne pepper …

old radio Not rated yet
I use an OLD transistor radio tuned to an AM 24 hour talk radio show and place it in the middle of my garden. The PESKY critters hear the human voices …

YOUZA! Deer Repellent Not rated yet
Egg Beaters (plain) 1 16oz carton Garlic (skin removed) 2 heads (not cloves!) Hot Sauce (2 brands) 1 bottle each for total of two bottles Dish …

Linda Ann Not rated yet
Yes, Pray for God's angels to protect any plants you desire!!! Try it!!!

Ingredients: -2 Eggs (beaten) -Splash of Milk -1-2 Cups Water -Half Bottle of generic Hot Sauce -3 Tbsp Garlic Powder -3 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper -3 …

O craig Louisiana Not rated yet
Dawn Dishwashing liquid mixed with water spray plants as needed easy and effective

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Zoo Poo Not rated yet
I had submitted a very good recipe last year but this year our herd is 20 instead of 10 in my yard every night. I went to my local zoo, THE POPCORN ZOO …

Super stink deer & rabbit repellant Not rated yet
2 raw eggs 1 cup skim milk 1/4 cup Murphy's soap 2 tbl minced garlic 4 tbl cayenne pepper About 2-3 cups urine ( I don't want to measure it- lol) …

eggshells Not rated yet
Collect a lot of eggshells and crush them until they are powdery. coat with Tabasco sauce, let dry,then layer about half an inch worth around the base …

My experiment Not rated yet
When i transplanted a " deer feast" of day lillies, i buried bones along with them...lamb chop to be exact, and some salmon skin, and thus far, not even …

My experiment Not rated yet
When i transplanted a " deer feast" of day lillies, i buried bones along with them...lamb chop to be exact, and some salmon skin, and thus far, not even …

Bounce sheets Not rated yet
Tuck bounce sheets in planters, at edges, under rocks etc. keeps deer away for min 30. The stronger the bounce sheet in smell, the better!

Valerie's deer be gone recipe Not rated yet
Irish spring soap, diluted in hot water hot sauce a few moth balls cayenne pepper Two ounces of my own early morning urine. I do not spray anything …

BEWARE Not rated yet
I don't have a recipie to share I just want to point out the ones using eggs and meat smelling products could attract more dangerous animals than deer …

Derr Repellent Not rated yet
I buy Irish Spring bar soap; tie it into cut up "onion bags" or mesh and tie onto the shrubs. it lasts the entire season and it's cheap and easy!

Down To The Wire With A 30-06 Not rated yet
I live in the Stone Mountain area of Atlanta, Georgia. I actually had to leave my farm in Mayesville, S.C. where the deer are all over the place to find …

Andrea Not rated yet
Mix 1 part Murphy's Oil Soap with 10 parts water. Spritz directly on plants, especially after rain. Works incredibly well and is 98% natural ingredients. …

slight variation Not rated yet
all the above plus Habanaro chili sauce, Vietnamese chili sauce, human urine. Don't get it on your skin or especially eyes. After a couple of …

Deer Deterrant Not rated yet
This may sound disgusting, but if you have a dog, let your dog do his business right next to your garden, also hair has been used many times , drop some …

Denver Mike Not rated yet
6 eggs 2 Tablespoons cheapest but Hottest hot sauce 2 Tablespoons garlic powder 2 Tablespoons Lemon liquid dis soap Blend or whip to liquid Add …

Draca Not rated yet
We used this last year and it worked all season long. Our neighbor who owns a beauty shop saved the hair she swept up off the floor, and we stuffed a …

Goldie Dietz Deer and Rabbit Repellent Not rated yet
1 2 1/2 pound bag of blood meal 1 2 1/2 pound bag of bone meal 1 large container of Garlic Powder 1 medium container of hot chili peppers …

Master gardner of missouri, in oregon Not rated yet
2 raw eggs beaten well 1 cup milk 5to6 table spoons of hot pepper powder 1/4 cup dish soap blend all together with water makes about 1 gallon, let …

deer and rabbit repelant Not rated yet
I like to use this as a spray around my garden, not on the plants. I don't use a sprayer, but a plastic seltser bottle with a small hole drilled in the …

Deer fence which seems to work; lifted from Youtube Not rated yet
A Youtube video entitled "Innovative Deer Fence" stated that deer have no problem jumping upwards, but are intimidated by having to jump both vertically …

The most natural of all Not rated yet
simply do what all animals do, mark your territory with your urin, the oder of man will keep them away, If you dont want to apply it to the plants, soak …

Deerbegone Not rated yet
Every evening, just after the sun goes down, I have my two boys go out and pee around the plants. They think that it is great fun. It works for the most …

Question Not rated yet
how long does your recipe the eggs garlic chilli powder cayenne pepper last before you need to spray again? thank …

russthedeerslayer Not rated yet
i put this around my fruit and evergreen trees i planted in my woods. take several milk cartons(1/2 gallon and gallon size) and pee in them. fill each …

Wisc. northwoods dogfriendly solution Not rated yet
Here in Wisconsin we have lots of HUGE hungry deer. Milorganite fertilizer sprinkled around plants is a very effective deterrent; however, our puppy LOVES …

Are You Nuts Not rated yet
I put this picture on all my shrubs with a little sign below it that says, "Go ahead, make my day"

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deer repellent  Not rated yet
bottle of jack .. drink hold bottle then vomit on your plants deer wont touch them

Husband Not rated yet
Guarenteed Deer repellent: Take one wife and place her directly in front of the window. Add one doe and one fawn eating her newly planted flowers. Shake …

Repellent Success Not rated yet
Repellent Success A cousin from the farm dictated the following success story. Yea, it’s homemade alright. First came a description of eight ingredients …

Koukla Not rated yet
I've been planting citrosa plants to repel mosquitos, in my Towson, MD garden, but when my plants grew very full and almost 2' tall, I trimmed them. The …

A quick fix. Not rated yet
If you have a small garden and don't mind shredding soap this is easy. 1 bar Irish Spring soap shredded on top of flowers.

54 moron ways to get rid of deer Not rated yet
what you need: 1) one or more high powered deer rifles 2) enough ammo for them 3) a four wheeler directions: Drive around until you see the deer …

forget hair and soap.  Not rated yet
all of these are good but you must spray every few daysand change your recipe every month. they will eat anything they get used to. cute but deadly.

Mo. Ridgerunner Not rated yet
Take a bar of soap, can be put in bag with lots of holes or tie up with string and hang where needed. I cut full bars into smaller pieces, can also use …

Bounce strips Not rated yet
cut 1 inch strips "Bounce " fabric strips. Tie one or two strips to the tree or shurbs. Tuck into the folage when possible. This will work as long as there …

natural repellant with human touch Not rated yet
fill a spraty bottle with urine (yours) the urine is a human scent that deer hate. add crushed garlic add really hot cayenne pepper. a few tablespoons …

It really stinks Not rated yet
There are no natural predators, and last fall we had as many as 12 deer in the orchard eating, fruit as well as the trees branches, and in the vegetable …

tweetybird62 Not rated yet
urinate in a half gallon milk jug and sprinkle around the outside of your garden sounds gross but deer can't stand the smell of human urine. just ask

Anonymous Not rated yet
Play John Denver records with the speakers pointed toward the garden.

"Jimmy Off" because my husband hates it more than the expensive ones! Not rated yet
4 heads of garlic-peeled 6 Tablespoons organic cayenne pepper 6 quarts of water Boil 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and garlic in water until you …

Vacuum Cleaner Repellant Not rated yet
sprinkle/spread the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag around your garden. Smells like the inside of a house, and the critters hate it.

My Repellent Not rated yet
22 cal or 12 ga shot gun. Woke up this morning and half my garden was eaten. All seedlings had some leaves chewed away and some plants gone. Furious.

the best ever Not rated yet
one shot gun. lots of bullets. one man. mix well. then blow them away!!!

bye bye deer Not rated yet
150 gran remington corelock bullet and 270 rifle

BAMBI Not rated yet

Sparky in Philadelphia suburbs Not rated yet
1 doz eggs 1 gal water Set the eggs in the sun or at room temp for 1-2 weeks to help them break down. They will not rot, even in a couple of weeks. …

the very best deer repellent Not rated yet
it's very simple's called LEAD!!!!!!!

K/9 Leadamiacine Not rated yet
One LARGE fenced yard One LARGE black dog that hates everything 270 cc or cal. of leadamiacne …

easy peezy Not rated yet
take a old sock stuff some human or animal hair into the sock and pee in it or on it and hang it over a branch or a tree or tie it to a steak that is next …

shi and shit Not rated yet
add some dish soap to some water in a spray bottle and also add the following; table spoon of ground red pepper and about a cup of lemon juice.....the …

Tonya's Deer Repellent Not rated yet
Here's a recipe I have tried and I think it works well. I will post a picture of my garden this summer. Boil some garlic cloves in two cups of water. …

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