Deer Proof Urban Garden In Corunna, Michigan!

by Joseph Sawyer
(Corunna, Michigan, USA)

If Deer Could Speak?

If Deer Could Speak?

After having grown up in the country with a 1/2 acre garden on a 7 acre homestead.... who would have thunk a small garden in the city would be so complicated?

The deer never seemed to bother our country garden. Maybe it was the dog leashed up outside... or the abundance of food resources in the farmers fields?

Move to the city (if you call a population of ~3,300 a city), and the deer will eat you out of house and home!

The attached photos are my solution for an urban deer-proof garden. Rabbits, raccoons, and most other friendly neighbors are locked out as well! The bonus to this garden creation is that weeding and bending over has been greatly reduce... both activities few enjoy!

Good luck to you!


From the webmaster: This is great!!! Thanks Joe!!

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Apr 21, 2016
Garden Design
by: Joe Sawyer

This was a DIY project. I did sketch out some designs on a pad, but nothing exact. The materials list was rather simple - It was built using 8' landscape timbers and simple fencing. I did not know what type of lumber I would be utilizing, or how big I was going to make it until I got to Home Depot. They happened to have landscape timbers on sale. I bought a full pallet of timbers and built what I could with them.

Mar 26, 2016
More information please!!
by: Christy

This beautiful set-up is all over Pinterest!(Although it seems to have been hijacked by some other sites so it took some persistence to find the correct source.)

Please, you can't leave us with just the photos...what type of wood was used...what are the dimensions...did you contract the job or was it a diy...are there plans that are for sale...specifics please!


Jul 29, 2015
great idea
by: annamariapeter

Ha ha I really loved that photo of the deer looking at your garden sadly. I was very impressed by this style of your garden. A perfect security adaptation from the simple things. I am gonna try this at my garden too.

Jul 28, 2015
Awesome Man!!
by: Channing Tatum

If there were garden like this everywhere, I think we people could actually have a good understanding with these animals. Our relationships might be worthy after all. Instead we just keep shooting at them. Anyway thanks for the share.

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