Deer Management State Resources

This is a partial list of state deer control resources. Most of them are publications of information gathered by state or county agencies. We will be updating this list and adding states, so bookmark this page and check it again in the future. If you have information to add, please contact us. Contact Deer-Departed


University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service


  • Deer Resistant Plants for the Garden
    University of California Cooperative Extension

  • Deer-Resistant Plants for the Sierra Foothills (Zone 71)
    Compiled by Cooperative Extension Nevada County (CA) Master Gardeners


  • Deer-Resistant Plants
    Colorado State University Cooperative Extension


  • Deer Resistant Plants
    Woodstock Conservation Commission: Woodstock, CT


  • Deer Tolerant Ornamental Plants
    The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service


  • Sustainable Management of a Public Resource:The White-Tailed Deer in Indiana
    Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Service

  • USDA Wildlife Conflicts Information
    Great information on deer fencing and deer resistant plants in Indiana


  • Deer Resistant Landscaping
    Iowa City Website


  • Deer Resistant Ornamental Plants
    University of Maine Extension


  • Deer Feeding Habits
    Maryland Cooperative Extension

  • Less Palatable Landscape Plants
    Maryland Dept.


  • Plants that Deer Don’t Usually Eat
    Minnesota State Horticultural Society's Northern Gardener® magazine


  • Deer Resistant Plants for the Landscape from Missouri Department of Conservation


    Montana State University Extension Service

  • Deer-resistant Ornamental Plants for Your Garden

    New Jersey

  • Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance
    Rutgers Cooperative Extension

    New York

  • Plant Recommendations for Deer-Infested Gardens
    Cornell Cooperative Extension, Source: Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY.
    Compiled by the gardeners who learned the hard way

  • Deer Proof
    HGTV - From Cornell University Extension


  • Best Deer Resistant Landscape Plants
    Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden


  • Deer Resistant Ornamental Plants
    Oregon State University Extension Service


  • Deer Resistant Plants
    Penn State Cooperative Extension
    Another brief listing, but a start.

    Rhode Island

    South Carolina

  • Deer Resistant Plants for the Grand Strand
    Clemson University Extension


  • Deer in the Urban Landscape
    The Texas A&M University System


  • Deer Resistant Perennials [bbr]University of Vermont Extension System


  • Deer Resistant Plants
    Washington State University Extension

    West Virginia

  • Resistance of Ornamentals to Deer Damage
    West Virginia University Extension Service

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