Deer in Oregon (Tested Mostly in Central Oregon)

I created my own mixture and found it most affective:

Dial Liquid Soap
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder
Onion Salt

The more of those you add the stronger of course it will be.
Especially with those spices.

Mix in a Hot water.
If you use water mix solution method please stir the solution completely.
When completely stirred...
Spread (pouring) Around all garden areas at least twice.
You can also shake all 3 of the spices around in the garden as well and around all plants. Areas should be dry ahead of time and let them dry after. The Longer they are dry the more affective it will be.
If you have Rocks in your garden, pour mixture over your rocks or shake the spices over the rocks and let completely dry.
Doing both is more effective. You can also set spices, peppers, etc that will burn the scents into the rocks.
You can use the pour mixture method or the spice granuals together or even seperately. Using both methods is most effective and letting completely dry the longer the better.
Repeat as only needed.
You can follow up by repeating the process and increasing the amounts you use so it's most effective for detouring of deer.

Plants suggestions:
Mint & strong scented plants & lemons thyme are just a few of things you can plant in the area. You can also use peppers to set out in the areas and let dry, hanging things in the gardens with strong scents or hang from fixtures, limbs can all be effective

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May 17, 2016

by: Deer

Thank you for the recipes.

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