Deer Fencing Overview

Repellent sprays just not providing enough protection? Too big of an area to cover? Deer fencing may be the only answer. Many types of fencing have been designed to exclude deer. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Before spending money on fencing, be sure and know all the facts before deciding which is best for you.

If you are thinking about deer fencing, there are several factors to consider. These include cost, appearance of the fencing,size of the area to enclose, degree of control, value of the crop you need to protect and if the fence needs to be permanent or if it could be temporary.

Woven Wire Fencing should be at least 8 feet high and in high pressure areas, ten foot heights should be used. These are constructed both as vertical and slanted fences.

Metal hexagrid deer fence Metal hexagrid deer fencing is, in essence, a heavy-duty 20-gauge chicken wire that has been coated with a weather resistant black pvc coating that reduces wear and tear as well as visibility. It is the perfect solution for keeping deer at bay because it’s low visibility prevents deer from being able to jump over it.

Electric Fencing can be divided into at least catagories: permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. There is also a product called Wireless Fence to consider. There are several configurations used with electric fencing. The fencing will be more effective if combined with a conventional fence. Common configurations include single and multiple strands used both vertically and slanted.

Mesh Barriers and Mesh Fencing can be used as a short term deterrent,then be taken down for the winter. Mesh Fencing is a great inexpensive choice and can be reused over and over.

Deer Netting and Tubing such as deer netting or tree tubing, can be used around individual tree seedlings to reduce deer damage to small trees while they are vulnerable. Buck rubs occur frequently where small trees, usually under 6 feet tall are planted in a landscape near a deer path.

Not exactly fencing, barrier ribbon with deer repellent applied to it can be used as an "odor fence" keeping deer out. Barrier ribbon is classified under Barrier Ribbon -Miscellaneous Deterrents

Check Out This Great Video of Deer Easily Jumping the Fence

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