Deer Deterrents - Miscellaneous

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Barrier Ribbon

Deer Stopper® uses the proven Deer Stopper® organic deer repellent sprayed onto the ribbon. A kit includes 840 ft. of untreated ribbon and 1 pint of Deer Stopper repellent. This is enough to protect one acre for up to three months. The absorbent 3/4" poly-tape ribbon is strung around the perimeter of plants at 30" off the ground then sprayed the with Deer Stopper repellent. This creates a slight physical barrier and an odor repellent that lasts up to 30 days per application.  Reapplication is needed every 30 days. Deer Stopper is also available in a pretreated 100-ft. black ribbon. All ribbon reusable year to year.

Plotsaver Deer Repellent System   features a barrier ribbon treated with Plotsaver deer repellent.  Plotsaver barrier ribbon is installed at 30" high around the garden or landscape perimeter on posts 30-33' apart.  Available in a kit, it comes complete with 840' of 3/4" white ribbon and 1 pint of  Plotsaver deer repellent which will treat the ribbon for about three months. Treats an acre size plot, or ribbon  can be cut to protect multiple areas.

Japanese Bamboo Scare Fountain

Japanese bamboo scare fountain

The sound of these bamboo fountains is believed to scare the deer and keep them out of the area.

Buy A Mountain Lion

Mountain lion stalking deer

Surround Your Home With Snow

deer neck deep in snow

Here's a video set to music that highlights deer repellents to use to sabatoage deer stands

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