deer and rabbit repelant

by Paul

I like to use this as a spray around my garden, not on the plants. I don't use a sprayer, but a plastic seltser bottle with a small hole drilled in the cap to squeeze a stream out.

mix - in half gallon bottle
1 egg
any hot pepper powder or liquid
garlic and onion powder
cooking oil
cup of milk or buttermilk best
few drops of liquid dish detergent

shake well- put out in the sun.
Next day, pour into qt plastic bottle with
hole in top. Squeeze liquid around perimiter
of garden once a week, or after rain.

ALSO - cut deoderent soap into chunks -
put a chunk in an old sock, staple top
and string hang it to your garden fence.

works all year! Rain makes it smell better!
deer esp don't like the smell.

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