Deer and Fruit

by John
(Seattle, Washington, USA)

Do deer only eat fruit that is on the trees or will they eat partialy rotten fruit that is on the ground?

From the webmaster: Deer are like us. They prefer fresh fruit on the tree, but they will eat if off the ground if they are hungry. This will be determined by how many other choices of food they have in the area and how many other deer live in the area and compete for food.

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Oct 05, 2017
Does deer off stakes work
by: Deer mom

I bought some of those stakes that look lik an upside down cup & fit onto a metal stake that goes in the ground next to the plant that you want the deer to leave alone! Well it didn't work & I just put them up in June & this is October! Ugg!!

Feb 16, 2013
Did Deer Rob My Citrus fruit?
by: Charlie

I live in a rural subdivision in south Louisiana where deer are frequently seen. I have several Citrus trees, Lemmons, Satsuma, Oranges, Grapefruit, Kumquats and Calamondin. I noticed a couple of Satsuma with a larbe bite taken from them. Then one day late in the season, mid February, I noticed that every fruit on the tree, about 100 Satsumas, had disappeared and I suspected teen agers. Then I realized that the bad ones on the ground were also missing. A few days later the same thing happened to my oranges, about 30+, disappeared one night, including the ones on the ground. I guess that the deer are having difficulty finding nourishing food this time of year. They typically don't bother the trees except the new tender growth.

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