Day 6 Outdoors Flat - Out Feeder. Built specifically to manage mature whitetails! It's a fact: studies show that traditional feeders are visited less by wiser, older deer. Why? Because frequent trips to the feed site to replace batteries, unclog jams, or check levels leave human scent everywhere. Hunters have long understood this truth about deer and human scent... it's just never been applied to how deer are fed and managed... until now.

Enter the Flat-Out Feeder by Day 6 Outdoors! The patented design collapses as feed levels decrease, so you can visually assess the feed level without going near it. And because of its maintenance-free design, you eliminate excessive trips for repair and battery replacement! The bottom line is LESS human scent at the site, MORE big mature bucks around come season.

Gravity-fed... no need for batteries or maintenance; Large 250-lb. capacity; Simple one-person set-up requires no tools; Weighs less than 50 lbs. empty, easy to haul to even the most remote locations.

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