by Bonnie
(Central Texas)

Deer Out
Spray on repellant. Pretty effective, fairly expensive. Eco-friendly and non-toxic, has a nice peppermint fragrance. I live in Central Texas and re-apply every couple of weeks.

Hav-a-Hart Deer Repellant
A mechanism based on a spike water sprinkler with motion detector. Very effective, but has some limitations and is fussy to use. Range is limited to about 12 feet wide by 20 feet distance, so it protects only a small area. Batteries do not last very long, requires the small square radio battery (6 volt?) every 30 - 60 days. Lasts longer if you turn off the unit during the day. You'll get a shower if you walk in the sensor area and have forgotten to turn off the water. Requires attachment to water hose.

From the Webmaster: Bonnie, I also live in TX (Grand Prairie - used to be Palestine). If you like the Hava-heart except for the water hose and the batteries, check out my 10% off ad on the mechanical repellers and homemade repellent pages. The Guardenr has the water spray, but you can fill it up so you don't have to have it hooked to the hose. It has solar panels so you don't need the batteries and you can move it all over. It also has the air horn sound that scares the %^&#@* out of them whether the water hits them or not. Well worth the money compared to replacing plants.

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